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Paul Lewin Comments on Organigram's plea to shut down the black market:

Cannabis CEO pleads for Ottawa to shut down booming black market

Lewin & Sagara LLP is listed as Toronto's Cannabis Law Firm (Toronto Life) February 25th, 2019;

Who you gonna call? These pot professionals have kushy jobs

Paul Lewin claims the medical marijuana system is plagued with problems (Toronto Sun) January 13th 2019:

Governments have made a mess of pot legalization

Paul Lewin on the John Oakley Show (Global News) October 11th 2018

Paul Lewin, A Toronto Lawyer who focuses on marijuana cases talks about setting the age at 19

Paul Lewin in NOW Toronto on Psilocybin

The Legalization Issue: From medpot to the next frontier – psychedelics as medicine

Paul Lewin in NOW Toronto

The Ontario retail model and "opt-out" powers of municipalities

Paul Lewin in the Globe Investor

Illegal dispensaries and the future of retail licensing

Paul Lewin in The Leaf: Cannabis News

Illicit cannabis post-legalization

Paul in London Free Press

Bulk of London pot-shop charges later withdrawn

Paul in Law Times News:

Paul Lewin appearing on CBC Toronto News: (25:00 minutes in)

Paul Lewin quoted in Global News:

Paul Lewin quoted in The Washington Post:

Paul Lewin quoted in Leafly:

Paul Lewin featured in The Toronto Star:

Paul Lewin quoted in the Ottawa Citizen:

​Paul Lewin quoted in the Toronto Star:

Paul Lewin on CBC Radio discussing cannabis legalization and its effects on cannabis dispensaries:

Paul Lewin quoted in  The Globe & Mail discussing Toronto Police and medical cannabis dispensaries victimized by armed robbers:

Paul Lewin quoted in The Toronto Star discussing cannabis dispensary robberies and the difficulties associated with reporting these incidents to Toronto Police Services:

Paul Lewin quoted in the Globe & Mail regarding federal government using the criminal law power to regulate the dispensary marketplace:

Paul Lewin speaks about cannabis legalization on The Agenda with Steve Paikin

Paul Lewin is quoted in the Globe & Mail regarding cannabis dispensary regulation:

Paul Lewin is quoted in VICE Magazine regarding the raids on medical cannabis dispensaries in Toronto on May 26, 2016 (black Thursday):

Paul Lewin is quoted by Indie88 regarding cannabis dispensary regulation:

Paul Lewin speaks at a conference regarding cannabis legalization:

Paul Lewin discusses cannabis legalization:;wap2